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We are happy to have partnered with Tree-Nation's organisation to plant trees on your behalf, for every product sold, we will pave the way toward reforestation.





Life is a wonder, is it not? Cynthia, our founder, started this business as a way to focus her mind on something else. She was going through a rough spot in her personal life, being in the middle of a separation back in 2020. She needed something to take her mind off what was going on in her life at first. At the beginning of it all, she had no real goal in mind. It was, most of all, a way to help her navigate the sometimes harsh realities of life. But as time went by, it became so much more than what it was intended to be at first. 

 Later, in 2021, she realised how important it had been to feel at home again, as she had been without a home to call her own for what felt like forever, although it was just 4 months. It made her consider how much our environment has an impact on how we feel. Heading back home after a long day at work? How comforting and relaxing should that be for us to feel content?

 The thought grew into wanting to help people create the most inviting environments that would mirror who they are and, most importantly, allow them to enjoy spending time at home.

 She wanted to offer quality items that would be accessible to everyone's budget and add amazing vibes to their home.

As we were preparing for the official launch, we found the missing link for our vision; We partnered with Tree-Nation to offset our imprint on our beloved earth by planting a minimum of 1 tree for each product sold.