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Resin incense kit with soapstone burner - droplets design

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Resin incense gift set with soapstone burner

This resin incense gift set includes a 1 Hand-carved droplet design multi-use incense burner with a roll of charcoal and a 6-piece natural resin incense variety pack.

Burn your favorite loose incense, incense cones, charcoal, or resin in this 2-piece stone multi burner. This carved stone incense holder is approximately 2.5" in diameter and features a carved droplet design on the lid.

This soapstone incense holder can also be used as a trinket box, potpourri dish, décor piece, or smudge bowl. Each incense holder is handmade from natural soapstone and will have its own unique pattern and design. Please allow for slight variations.

The resin variety pack Includes 6 packages of assorted resin incense. Each tin is approximately 1/2 oz. The resin assortment in your kit may include Frankincense, Myrrh, White Copal, Golden Copal, Three Kings blend, 7 Archangels blend, gum Arabic, Benzoin, and more. Resin fragrances will vary depending upon availability. Our resin is high quality, natural and fragrant.

Soapstone is a great material for incense holders because it's durable and heat resistant. Soapstone promotes peaceful, calming energy. Due to the natural materials used to carve these incense burners, please allow for slight variations. The natural pattern and colors of the soapstone will vary. Each soapstone incense multi-burner will be unique.

This resin incense kit makes a great gift.

How to burn resin incense:

Simply light one of the included charcoal discs, place it inside the heat-resistant soapstone burner, sprinkle a small amount of resin incense on top of the charcoal disc, and enjoy a deep fragrant experience.