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Tumbled Green Moss agate crystals - Balance & Abundance - 1 pc

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Green Moss Agate Healing Stones

One Medium Green Moss Agate Healing Stone.

These genuine green moss agate healing crystals are natural and will vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

Each crystal is intuitively chosen for your order and will be unique. 

Size: Approximately 1"


Green Moss Agate Chakra: Heart

Green Moss agate provides Abundance, Balance, Stability, and Harmony

Moss Agate balances your physical, intellectual, and emotional energies. Moss agate is a stabilizing stone, strongly connected with nature.

Moss Agate is also known as an abundance stone. It can be worn on your body or carried in your pocket or purse to invite financial abundance. Moss Agate helps balance emotions, releasing fear and stress. It strengthens your focus so that you can easily achieve your goals.


All crystals and stones are cleansed and charged.