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Love, Abundance and Protection smudge kit

Love, Abundance & Protection Ritual Smudge kit 

This Love, Abundance, & Protection Smudge Set includes:

1 Natural Abalone Shell with Wooden Tripod Stand
1 Handmade California White Sage Smudge Stick 
2 Palo Santo Wood Sticks
1 Desert Rose Selenite Crystal 
1 Sachet of Rose Petals
smudging instructions


Palo Santo wood is considered "holy wood." Palo Santo wooden sticks are used to cleanse negativity.

The all-natural sage used in this smudge kit is harvested in California and hand wrapped in cotton thread.

All of crystals are cleansed and charged. 

Please Note: All items in this smudging set are all-natural causing them to vary slightly in size and color. No two kits are the exact same.