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3D Lunar Levitating Lamp

Lunar Levitating 3D Moon Lamp


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Wireless levitating 3D moon lamp for home and office decor made with pure plastic using magnetic wireless transmission. Rotates freely around its' axis with a bit of sound which makes it more realistic and enhances the surrounding. Brightness can be controlled by touch control. The lunar lamp possesses wireless charging technology. A user and environmentally friendly product. Safe and reliable, even kids can use it without any issues. LEDs are used which avoids temperature increase. It can be presented as a gift to anyone in your social circle and can be used for home and office decor.

Lunar Levitating 3D Moon Lamp






  • Material and Size: Rotating moon lamp made with pure plastic and wooden stand with size L10 x W8.9 x H8.7 inches and weight of 3.35 pounds.
  • Features: Floating Moon Lamp rotates freely in air without support lunar lamp provides a realistic moon view without heating up.
  • Magnetic technology: LED lunar lamp follows magnetic transmission for rotation, wireless charging with touch control.
  • Usage and safety: Lunar Lamp is designed for home and office decor safe to use and can be presented as a gift to anyone it provides a pleasing and relaxing view, especially at night time.






 Lunar Levitating 3D Moon Lamp


Directions to use:


Put the moon lamp and the base on a horizontal table and connect the base to a wall charger through the adapter.
Hold the moon lamp with both hands and keep the moon lamp horizontal and slowly move from the top to the bottom.
When it is about 15mm above the base and both hands on the base to prevent the base from being pulled away from the center by magnetic force.
Adjust the moon horizontally to find the balance point.
Release your hands and the moon will hover above the base
Press the switch on the base to turn the light on/off.



Lunar Levitating 3D Moon Lamp