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Calming Smudge kit with Lavender, Sage & Amethyst Crystal

Calming Lavender & Sage Smudge kit with Amethyst Crystal

This Lavender & Sage Smudge kit with crystal includes: 

1 Natural Abalone Shell with Wooden Tripod (cobra) Stand
2 Palo Santo Wood Sticks
1 Handmade All-Natural California White Sage Smudge Stick
1 Bag of Himalayan Salt
1 Sachet of All-Natural Lavender
1 tumbled Amethyst Healing Crystal
smudging instructions

Amethyst is a universal natural stress reliever providing calming, peaceful energy. Amethyst can also be used for protection, inspiring creativity, and encouraging inner strength and spiritual growth. 

Amethyst Chakras: Crown & Third Eye
Amethyst Elements: Air & Water
Amethyst Zodiacs: Aquarius & Pieces
Amethyst Affirmation: I am connected with my higher self and fully trust my intuition.


Lavender has been used for centuries as an effective remedy for treating anxiety and depression. Lavender can help reduce feelings of restlessness and has been shown to ease insomnia by promoting a deep restful sleep. Lavender enhances intuition, visualization, and imagination. The use of lavender is effective in soothing and calming the mind and one's environment. 

Palo Santo wood is considered "holy wood." Palo Santo wooden sticks are used to cleanse negativity. 

The white sage Ritual smudge Kit used in this smudge kit is all-natural, organic, and responsibly harvested in California. Each White Sage smudge stick is hand wrapped in cotton thread. 

Pink Himalayan salt is a purification tool used to restore balance and cleanse negativity. 

All of our crystals are cleansed and charged. 

Please Note: All items in this smudging set are all-natural causing them to vary slightly in size and color. No two kits are the exact same.